Physical Therapy

Irwindale Industrial Clinic offers highly personalized one-on-one care administered by Greg Terry, RPT and his staff. Our physical therapy department is fully equipped to provide exceptional care and promote rapid return to work.

Greg Terry, MPT, PT

Greg Terry, MPT, PT

Mr. Terry received his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Sacramento in 1981 and completed his Master’s Degree in physical therapy from Chapman University in 1986. He has been a director of physical therapy at Irwindale Industrial Clinic since 1992. He works with patients recovering from acute injuries, cumulative stress disorders as well as post-operative rehabilitation.

Mr. Terry is available for onsite ergonomic assessments as well as back injury prevention consultation.

Irwindale Industrial Clinic
offers unparalleled, personalized one-on-one care

  • Certified and highly trained staff.

  • Therapies based on the latest evidence-based research and methodologies.

  • Therapy sessions are individually tailored to ensure optimal outcome and compassionate treatment.

  • Easy-to-follow education / home exercise programs designed to specific needs.

  • Occupational / Hand Rehabilitation Services

  • Upper and Lower Extremities / Back Rehabilitation